Pasting diagrams

This is some Scala and Python code for manipulating pasting diagrams, and also a draft of a research paper explaining it.

The research paper is available separately for people who do not wish to play with the source code.

Downloading source code

In order to obtain a copy, you'll need to have installed Git and got it working. Once that's done, download by typing:

git clone

Compiling source code

The following are prerequisites to compiling the paper from source:

  • Make (tested with GNU Make 3.81)
  • Scala (tested with 2.9.2)
  • LaTeX (including packages amsmath, amsrefs, amssymb, amsthm, booktabs, bussproofs, caption, color, enumerate, graphicx, hyperref, mathpazo, xy)
  • Python (tested with 2.7.3)
  • epstopdf

If you have all those, simply typing make compile test in the root directory ought to work.