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The destruction of Iran? (27/10/05)

A propaganda campaign has begun towards a war with Iran. Disturbingly, it seems to be the British who are doing most of the work.

I refer, firstly, to Tony Blair's "revulsion" upon hearing that the president of Iran wants to destroy Israel. What a surprise that it helps to denounce Israel if you wish to be elected in Iran!

Of course it's an unpleasant thing to say. But we should remind ourselves that Israel actually has "wiped a country off the map" already: Tony Blair doesn't talk so much about his revulsion for that act.

We should also not forget Israel's impressive capacity for fighting its own battles.

I refer secondly to all the noise about Iran's nuclear programme. There have been many articles of this sort lately. Certainly, we should regard the UK government as not competent to hold an opinion on this matter.

They are not competent because of how far they were from holding any true opinion last time: it would be funny if you could bring yourself to forget about the six-figure number of dead people (Robert Fisk recently had an interesting take on this).

They are not competent because of their own insistence in violating treaty obligations by spending billions on yet more nuclear weapons. Even if every other problem in the world had been solved, I would still be uncomfortable with Tony Blair and his entourage owning equipment with no purpose but the mass slaughter of innocents.

I refer thirdly, on a related tone, to the suggestions that we might even be locked into an arms race with Iran, that well-known world superpower.

I refer fourthly to the string of articles suggesting that Iran has been responsible for the resistance in Iraq (it couldn't possibly be the locals, could it?). The first article I saw on the subject seemed very sure, the second one had more qualifying statements.

They both seem to be amateurish rubbish, however. As we've come to expect there's been no concrete evidence.

In summation, it appears to be the case that Tony Blair is taking it upon himself to soften up the populace for another brutal invasion. We should start thinking about how to best oppose these plans right now.