Journalism, as seen on Twitter

Here are a small selection of tweets from prominent journalists in the runup to the 2017 snap general election, displaying all the studied intellectual detachment we have come to expect.

Laura Kuenssberg (@maitlis):

Corbyn in Scotland today, May not on the stump - seems tory strategy this morn to let labour stew in its own juice

Emily Maitlis (@maitlis):

Wonder if lab could try and stage coup against Corbyn. Is there time for that? #ge2017

Robert Peston (@peston)

The departure of @George_Osborne big loss to Parliament. Love him or hate him, he is formidable, brainy, influential

Nick Robinson (@bbcnickrobinson)

No-one should be surprised that @jeremycorbyn is running v the establishment @ is long on passion & short on details. Story of his life