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I have frequent cause to suspect that the British media are biased in favour of the government. Often, to provide evidence, it is necessary to become involved in a difficult analysis of the weight afforded to various positions on various topics.

On this occasion, sadly, it's rather obvious.

The headline of this BBC article is "UK soldiers 'saw Iraqi boy drown'". If you take the time to read this innocuous-sounding article, you will find out that the reason that the UK soldiers saw the Iraqi boy drown is that they drowned him.

It must be really fucking hard to drown someone with your eyes closed: no wonder they saw it.

The prosecution at their court martial has heard that what happened was the "unlawful and dangerous activities of the four defendants acting together as part of a joint enterprise".

This is deeply insightful: one such joint enterprise is the invasion of Iraq. It is indeed unlawful, and very dangerous indeed.

Stories like this, while vomit-inducing, actually just serve to distract attention from the rest of the six-figure death toll. No articles tell you about the scores of thousands of other Iraqi dead. There are no hapless, pissant soldiers that can be blamed for those.

There is no suggestion by the BBC that they might merely have been following orders by murdering Iraqis. No suggestion whatsoever. Yet most of that six-figure number were murdered by the US and UK. That six-figure number was obtained in a survey that left out the assault on Fallujah, for fear it would distort the figures.

If you can bring yourself to momentarily overlook the enormous waste of human life, you will notice the waste of several journalists' careers.


In case anything should happen, something which has never happened before, here's a local copy.