BBC Disinformation

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I'd like to tell you that, if you take the time to read the BBC news occasionally, you too can be an end product of the system of public disinformation:

I refer you to this article.

Here's why practically every paragraph of this item of 'news' is entirely hilarious:

To sum up, this is a direct restatement of the front page of today's Telegraph. This is a paper which is known to have been extremely mendacious in the past on this very subject (they are the paper that fabricated the story that Galloway was in the pay of Saddam Hussein).

The BBC is repeating it - and in doing so, of course, lending it enormous credibility - without so much as a sanity check. I think I have performed that sanity check above, and it doesn't come out too well.

Why couldn't the BBC (whose staff know much more than me) perform this sanity check themselves, and either leave the matter unreported (as it deserves) or provide at least a conjectured counteropinion? I'm sure there are a whole bundle of respected journalists who'd be happy to give it one.