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Yet more disinformation

On 4th February, the BBC dutifully reported that Tony Blair claims to have been unaware the 45 minute claim over Iraq's WMD meant only battlefield weapons in March 2003.

Amusingly, another article from the very same BBC shows that, if this is true, he remained "unaware" for a period of at least eleven months.

During these eleven months, while he passed up almost no occasion to remind us of the threat to the world of Iraq's weapons capabilities, he must have met frequently with people involved in British spying and "intelligence". In the run-up to declaring war, these meetings must have been practically daily.

If we accept this article, we are forced to believe that during this whole period, nobody mentioned to him this slight inaccuracy... and also that he never read the reports by these people. This shows great ineptitude on all parts. Why is Tony Blair not calling for the sackings of practically everybody in MI6?

Even more hilariously, we are forced to believe that somehow he remained unaware of the fact that the uranium-from-Niger claims that his government were citing everywhere, had publicly been thoroughly discredited (in Private Eye, for example).

Alternatively, we could come to the conclusion that he is lying: on the face of it, this is a much more plausible claim.