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Here are some angry rants on (mostly political) subjects. I don't think they're of much value or use, but they may as well be here rather than languishing in the depths of my hard disk.

Journalism, as seen on Twitter (2017/04/23)

My least favourite tweets from journalists in the run-up to the snap General Election of June 2017.

Bad Stats from the Telegraph (2013/08/20)

A journalist called Ed West presents nonsense as fact by the magic of statistics.

Guest rant by Craig Murray, on Julian Assange (2012/08/16)

Craig Murray's blogpost on Julian Assange. If someone thinks it's worth a denial-of-service attack, I think it's worth repeating.

A religious education (2012/06/25)

Some thoughts on religion, and religious education, in British schools, inspired by my own experiences.

Nonsense in the Times HES (2011/01/31)

A philosopher making a bad name for his trade in a publication that should know better than to publish it.

Dictionary of loaded phrases (2009/04/25)

A short list of propaganda terms in common use.

Dyslexia and science

On a politician talking rubbish, and why this is worse than it seems.

The Catholic Orangemen of Togo

This is not a rant by me, but a whole booksworth of rant written by Craig Murray. Very good too.

Motes and Beams

Why does "Free Tibet" do so well, while "Free Iraq" doesn't even exist?

The best thing to wish for?

A note about the future, which doesn't look too bright right now.

The Craig Murray Documents (2006/07/08)

All the documents relating to Craig Murray's book, Murder in Samarkand, which the Government doesn't want you to have. That's just too bad.

The "Nuclear Deterrent" (2006/06/25)

This is a complaint letter to the BBC, and their reply.

Drowning (2006/05/03)

A short note about the media's incompetence in presenting the facts about Iraq.

Education (2006/01/24)

A short note on silliness in speeches from British politicians about education. Nothing particularly profound.

The Destruction of Iran? (2005/10/27)

This is observing Tony Blair's desperation to persuade us that Iran is evil.

Letters to the Guernsey Press (various dates)

My letters to my local paper, on various topics.

Gordon Brown and the Labour Party (2005/05/03)

A rather shocking commentary from Gordon Brown on the Iraq war.

the Most Illiberal (2004/08/12)

Some slightly disjointed comments on the state of parliamentary democracy in the UK. Perhaps I'll knock them into better shape at some point.

More Disinformation (05/02/04)

This is about Tony Blair's claims of innocence that the BBC has faithfully reported.

Worst Columnist of the Year

This is about the journalist David Aaronovitch; it's essentially about this column. It's selected more-or-less at random: I've not read a significantly better one by him.

"Free Market" Theory

This one's about the meaning of the words "Free Market". It was originally sent to a student of economics who described it as "interesting"; I cannot say anything that could recommend it less than that fact.

BBC Disinformation

I wrote this because I was angry at the BBC for peddling obvious nonsense, thinly disguised as news.

Letter to the Independent

This was written in answer to the letter by Keith Gilmour on 25th November 2003. My response was published on the 27th, but edited for brevity. This is the full version.